About the Company...

CEO / Founder / Investor

National Bamboo LLC. is a triple bottom line business venture, established in 2012.  The idea of bamboo farming in the Southeast was introduced to us by way of Kimberly-Clark's 2012 sustainability announcement  which stated their interest in having a sustainable alternative natural fiber feedstock in the southeast, to reduce their need for harvesting natural forests in North America...Bamboo was named a top contender. 

After taking initial consultation with a local bamboo expert and sponsoring research with NCSU, we are confident the opportunity is now for timber bamboo farming in the Southeast…and National Bamboo is committed to making this a reality.   2022 marks our ninth shooting season on our Eastern North Carolina timber Bamboo research and development farm (initial 40 acres of bamboo planted 2013). 

Today we own and operate the largest planted bamboo grove acreage in NC.  We are also the largest bamboo plant stock provider (from small plug size to fully matured grove bamboo) and bamboo fiber producer in Eastern North Carolina.