Consultation Services - $175/hr.*

KICK START YOUR BAMBOO FARM TODAY - We are a full service giant bamboo timber farm  solution provider. We currently offer services in our core counties where our hand chosen species will thrive and where we have demand for the cut bamboo fiber.  These counties are:  Bladen, Columbus, Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson, Sampson and Scotland counties.  These counties are all perfect for growing  giant timber bamboo.  (*Plus travel.  Daily flat rate is available)

 Service Options:

  1. Site feasibility Study
  2. Bamboo timber farm plantation modeling
  3. Bamboo timber farm land management plan
  4. Financial modeling and business plan
  5. Future bamboo fiber purchase options


​                               Plants - $60/plant*


  •                         Fiber - $100/BDT

  1. Option for Bamboo wood chips, pellets or pulp fiber
  2. Advanced orders only (3 month processing time) 
  3. Minimum order of 5 bone dry tonnes (BDT) to place order
  4. Quantity discounts available 
  5. Sustainably sourced from our NC bamboo farm

  •                          Poles - $10/pole*

Flat fee for Bamboo timber track planting, - $2700acre*

  1. Site
  2. prep and bedding
  3. Planting logistics & operations
  4. Site maintenance and management 
  5. Fertilization and weed control

What we offer you:

  1. Freshly grove cut, sold is 8ft. poles, 3-4inch diameter
  2. Poles available from P. Henon, P. Rubro, P. Moso, P. Vivax
  3. Custom sizes available - price depends on quantity/size
  4. Option to kiln dry your bamboo at additional cost 
  5. Shipping quoted on request 

  1. Specially selected timber bamboo species for Southeast                                                                                         (P. Henon, P. Rubro, P. Moso, P. Vivax). 
  2. Same price for each grove cut species listed (guaranteed survival)  
  3. Price does not include shipping (quoted before purchase)
  4. Custom sizes can be requested (picture shows standard 5ft. grove cut plant).
  5. Please inquire about large volume orders (small plug to large grove cut plants)