New timber bamboo tracks planted for a flat fee of $3,500/acre for Spring 2023 planting

Track must be at least 20 acres, recently cleared and planting ready, includes 270 plants/acre of -  2 ft tall - field ready P. Henon bamboo plants, includes site survey, planting logistics, plant shipment, planting team labor and a replacement guarantee for 95% survival post planting. Orders must be placed (35% down) by Feb. 15th 2023. 

We have land purchase opportunities throughout the Southeast, from 20 acres to 500+ acres (+/-$2,000/acre) which is perfect for growing  giant timber bamboo.

  • Consultation /Site Survey
  • Plant Supply Update (1/25/23): We have 4,500  P. Henon field ready plants  -$6.00 ea. plus shipping (min. order of 1,000), ready for Spring 2023 planting!  

Did you know?

America's Largest Timber Bamboo Supplier

Bamboo is one of the worlds fastest growing plants and US bamboo farming can generate annual returns of 14-17% IRR, with no replanting. 110 years of productivity!

National Bamboo has specialized in timber bamboo farming and bamboo plant sales since 2012, providing high quality Phyllostachys  Nigra Henon "Giant Gray" and P. Rubromarginata Bamboo - at scale - for US landowners.  These two species are the most hardy and vigorous types of running bamboo tested and proven for large acreage projects in the Southeastern US.

Whether you need 3 thousand or 3 million plants, NB is the longest operating  and most trusted bamboo plant distributor (from tissue culture) in the US, making your timber  bamboo plantation dream a reality.


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  • Planting, maintenance and harvesting services
  • Currently taking large orders for planting in Spring 2023

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