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  • Currently taking large orders for planting in Spring 2018

Eastern NC Timberland Owners:

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Bamboo is one of the worlds fastest growing plants and generates annual returns with no replanting.

Bladen, Columbus, Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson, Sampson, and Scotland counties are all perfect for growing  giant timber bamboo for paper pulp.

Timber Bamboo tracks planted for a little as $200/acre...for spring 2018 planting

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  • Site Survey
  • ANF Plantation Certification 
  • Financial return models
  • Plant supply (various sizes )

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About to harvest your pine plantation?  Looking for a better land use alternative that will double your return, with positive cash flows in one-third the time (compared to pine)?   Is the your land  located in southeastern North Carolina and have at least 100+ acres?  

                  If yes, we are currently taking orders for the 2018 planting season if you are interested to converting to timber bamboo, then let's talk.